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Melodic Connections

Community Building

Melodic Connections is redefining community spaces, using music as a tool for inclusion.  We are creating valued social roles for the drummers, guitarists, keyboard players and vocalists who develop their craft at our community music studio, and then use their talents to co-create with others.  Making music within our Silverton studio has a profound, positive impact on the Melodic Connections musicians, and that impact only grows as we move beyond the walls of our building to make a bigger impact everywhere that music happens. To quote Maxine Greene – an educational philosopher, author, activist and teacher – we need to see each person in our community as an “indescribable human.” Through the facilitation of music experiences we will help people see the “indescribable humanness” in each other and move toward inclusive communities that are change agents for the city.

Come explore our gathering Common Time to see how music can reside at the intersection of connection and change.

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