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Melodic Connections

Flood Recovery News!

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On Sunday, August 28, Melodic Connections was devastated by flash flooding in Norwood, Ohio.  Our instruments, our sound equipment and our teaching supplies were destroyed and the building is heavily damaged.  We have set up a go fund me page, any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated  so we can quickly continue our services to over 700 individuals with disabilities in greater Cincinnati.


Thank you to WLWT for helping us tell or story:

Thank you also to Fox19 for bringing attention to our story:


Coverage on

A story about Buddy Walk!





2 Responses

  • Linda Kiernan says:

    Is your piano able to be used after the flooding? Or is it too damaged?

  • Keith says:


    I know we’ve been playing phone tag, but please make sure you get me on my cell phone. I’ve been reaching out to my equipment vendors for donations. Help is on the way… Just need to get a list of what is needed. We will have anything from instruments to PA available to donate.

    We are looking very forward to serving. God Bless.

    Keith and The Loud and Clear team….

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