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Melodic Connections

Flood Recovery FAQs

We are working hard at Melodic Connections to provide a consistent and comfortable environment for our students.   We know our families and students have many questions and we want to provide answers as we move through this series of transitions until we are in a permanent home.  Check back, as we will be updating this page with new information, and please check your email frequently for updates.

What is the last day of the Day Program at Ladd ?  Friday October 21 will be our last day at our location at Ladd, Inc. We have loved our time at Ladd, Inc. and are very grateful for their hospitality and welcoming spirit during our time of transition.

Will there be time off between moving from Ladd to the new temporary location?  No. We will be moving instruments and supplies, a little each day,  so that we will be ready to re-open in the new space Monday morning October 24.

Where is the new location?  Thanks to the generous support and advocacy of Hamilton County DDS, we will using one of their buildings that has some extra space.  Our new location will be in Northside at 4210 Dane Avenue.

What about transportation?  Melodic Connections will notify all known transportation services used by current students, and will make arrangements for transportation to the new address starting October 24.   This location is not on a direct bus line.  Please contact Christina at to work out a solution if your student takes the bus.

How long will Melodic Connections be at this location?  This should be our final stop on the way to our new permanent home.  We hope to be welcoming spring in our new permanent location.  Stay tuned for exciting announcements about our new space.

Will afternoon classes be moving to this new location?   All afternoon classes will remain in their temporary locations through the end of the fall 2016 semester. See our class schedule here.

How does this affect the Monday CSO group? Our CSO service learning group will meet at the Dane Avenue location and travel to the CSO offices from there.  They will return to Dane Avenue for transportation home at the end of the day.

What about the Willis Music Group?  Our Willis Music students will continue to meet at Kenwood Willis Music location.  This program will remain unchanged.

Where will the Podcast group meet?  Students in the podcast group should be dropped off at the Dane Avenue location.  They will travel to the Music Resource Center with staff, and return to Northside where they can be picked up at the end of the day.

How will this affect the Friday group  going to the Wyoming Fine Arts Center?  Students in this service learning  group should also be dropped off and picked up at the Dane Avenue location.

Does Melodic Connections still need donations?  Our immediate instrument needs have been met by generous donors and fundraisers.  Our need right now is for office supplies and office equipment to support day to day operations.  Staples or Amazon gift cards are always welcome.  When we move to a permanent space, we will need help with construction, carpeting, painting, office furniture, lunch room supplies, etc.  We will be posting updated lists.

Are donations tax deductible?  Yes.  Please email Christina at with proof of your donation and estimated dollar amount and you will receive a tax letter by year end.  Tax letters are available to anyone who has made a donation.

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