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Melodic Connections

Adult Conservatory Program

Melodic Connections offers three distinct day programs for adults with developmental disabilities:

  • Adult  Conservatory
  • Service Learning Program (In the community)  NEW
  • Music Career Modules  (In the community)    NEW

For information on conservatory programs in the studio and in the community contact email   

Adult Conservatory: (Adult day program at our studio)

The studio at  Melodic Connections is home to a powerful community of performing musicians.  At our adult day conservatory program, musicians spend their mornings taking performance-based lessons in guitar, voice, keyboard and drums.  Afternoons are spent in classes studying music theory, composers, music history and topics of their choice.  We finish the day perfecting ensemble skills with a hard-working rehearsal for one of our many optional community performances.

Programming is based on evidence-based interventions developed by our staff of board certified music therapists, and all of our musicians are expected to work toward goals that they help define.

Provides opportunities for:

  • Participant-driven goals for music and social skills.  With guidance from our board certified music therapists, participants set their own goals as they learn guitar, piano, voice and drums.  Participants also set goals for social skills in group lessons and rehearsals.
  • Learning and/or performing.  We offer music instruction at the Melodic Connections studio and provide performance opportunities in the community for musicians who choose to perform.
  • Immediate success and team building.  Our board certified music therapists create programming and equipment adaptations to promote student success at every skill level.
  • Read how our program made a difference for AshleyQuincyMichelle, Tommy, Joseph and Todd.

Service Learning Program:  (Adult day program in the community)  img_8202-1

Using Melodic Connections’ studio as a home base, participants travel to partner locations to engage directly with the music community in meaningful service learning experiences.

  • Program provides opportunities for social relationships, team building, community engagement and local travel.
  • Participants are accompanied and supported by qualified Melodic Connections staff throughout the day and at all partner locations.
  • Program fosters self-directed personal growth; participants receive assistance setting individualized goals for social or project related achievement.
  • Partner locations represent a variety of areas of the music community and each provides unique opportunities. The program allows participants to expand their experience with music beyond learning in the studio.
  • For more information about this program, contact Shelly Zeiser at


Music Career Modules  (Adult Day Program in the Community)  dsc01436

Participants gather in the classroom space at Willis Music in Kenwood for exploration of careers in music.  Students spend mornings working with Melodic Connections staff to practice social and job readiness skills.  Afternoons are spent engaging with individuals from the local music community who provide insight into their chosen music-related field.

  • The program provides opportunities for self-directed personal growth through learning about potential jobs that are possible in the music community.
  • Participants will expand their experience with music beyond learning in the studio. They will receive mentoring in small groups from people employed in the music industry, and will go on site visits to local music-related businesses, as appropriate.
  • Melodic Connections staff will accompany participants at all times and will assist them in setting personal goals for social or job-related achievement.
  • The program provides opportunities for social relationships and team building.
  • Read what Willis Music has to say about this program in their blog.

For more information about our programs at the Melodic Connections studio and in the community, please contact Christina at


Man playing guitair during Melodic Connection's Adult Day Program


Master Class Program

The Master Class program brings musicians from the Cincinnati community to the studio to play alongside the students.  Through expertise of generous professional and amateur musicians, we have offered classes in song composition, drum maintenance, and use of guitar pedals, to name a few. The musicians that have visited have left with a new perspective of the abilities of musicians at Melodic Connections and have each offered to return in the future. The ultimate goal of this program is to foster relationships with musicians outside of the studio as well.


Our musicians perform in up to 14 concerts per year for audiences of 50 at an ArtsWave Sampler Weekend or for thousands at the Down Syndrome Association Buddy Walk and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Lumenocity.  Performing in our concerts has actually changed the lives for some of our musicians.   For a list of our upcoming concerts, click here.


“This program bridges the gap between people of all abilities who love music.”

“ My favorite part of the program is its passion for partnering with businesses in the greater Cincinnati area to provide opportunities for musicians with disabilities to become visible. I’m excited that Cincinnati has the opportunity to hear what Melodic Connections’ musicians have to offer–they are extraordinarily talented!”

“The only thing I could think was (his improvements are) from the increased self esteem that has come from working with Melodic Connections.  That was the only thing that had changed.”

“He is becoming a greater person, a stronger man.  It was music that made the difference.”

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