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Melodic Connections

Adult Programs

Melodic Connections offers seven distinct programs that create opportunities to learn, grow and connect through the power of music:

  • Music Conservatory
  • Music in Action
  • Musical Books
  • Hero Radio Podcast
  • Music Career Modules (meets at Willis Music in Kenwood)
  • On-site Service Learning
  • The Percussion Effect
  • Concert Co-Op

Contact Christina Weber for information on programs or to schedule a tour.

Programs gather at our studio space and some spend all or part of the day off site. The music conservatory meets each day, Monday – Friday.  Other programs meet one day per week.  

Music Conservatory. (Monday – Friday 9:00 – 3:00) Musicians spend their day at the Melodic Connections studio in keyboard, guitar, drums and/or voice class. Conservatory musicians participate in group rehearsals and have frequent community performance opportunities.  The program also includes occasional master classes from local musicians who demonstrate their skills and jam with conservatory musicians.

Music in Action.  (Tuesdays, 9:00 – 3:00) Students train with certified Drums Alive! instructors to learn about music, dance and fitness.  Upon completion of training, students will work with our board certified music therapists and qualified music educators to scout locations, approach potential partners, secure engagements, and plan and co-lead Drums Alive! classes

Musical Books.  (Wednesdays, 8:00 – 2:00) Students will learn how to engage children through music and literature.  Together with our board certified music therapists, students will learn how to design and facilitate interactive music experiences for children. When ready,  they will then facilitate music at schools and early childhood centers, bringing their new skills to life in the classroom.

Hero Radio Podcast. (Thursdays 9:00 – 3:00) In this program, participants create an original podcast series in which they interview and tell the stories of prominent Cincinnati musicians.  Read about progress this group is making here.

Music Career Modules. (Tuesdays 11:00 – 5:00)   Students meet at Willis Music in Kenwood to gain hands-on experience in a retail environment.  Under the guidance of board certified music therapists, participants learn about music retail and promotion, instrument maintenance and retail management, as they set personal goals for job-related achievement.

On-Site Service Learning. (Mondays 9:00 – 3:00)  In this program, musicians spend their day in service learning at area arts organizations which may include The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, community arts centers, and other locations around town where the arts happen.

The Percussion Effect. (Fridays 9:00 – 3:00)  Learn how to lead community drum circles for wellness. Students and instructors will work together to scout and approach potential locations for interactive drumming sessions.  When ready, students will lead or co-lead community drum circles at locations they select.

Concert Co-Op.  (Wednesdays 12-6) Collaborate with an established concert series to create music events. Plan, promote and run small venue concerts around Cincinnati.

Programs are conducted year round and offered weekdays during typical business hours.  All Waiver funding is accepted.  All programs are led by board certified music therapists and qualified music educators.  Schedule a tour to find out more details.  Contact Christina Weber at  


Community Concerts

Our musicians perform in up to 18 concerts per year for audiences of 50 at an ArtsWave Sampler Weekend or for thousands at the Down Syndrome Association Buddy Walk and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Lumenocity.  Performing in our concerts has actually changed the lives for some of our musicians.   For a list of our upcoming concerts, click here.


“This program bridges the gap between people of all abilities who love music.”

“ My favorite part of the program is its passion for partnering with businesses in the greater Cincinnati area to provide opportunities for musicians with disabilities to become visible. I’m excited that Cincinnati has the opportunity to hear what Melodic Connections’ musicians have to offer–they are extraordinarily talented!”

“The only thing I could think was (his improvements are) from the increased self esteem that has come from working with Melodic Connections.  That was the only thing that had changed.”

“He is becoming a greater person, a stronger man.  It was music that made the difference.”

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