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Melodic Connections

Afternoon Classes

At Melodic Connections, everyone gets to feel like a rock star!  Afternoon classes strive to make music therapy-based services available to anyone, regardless of ability to pay.  Seventy special learners are currently receiving direct services through classes at our studio in the heart of Silverton.  Students get to showcase their talents for friends and family in two concerts per year at venues around greater Cincinnati.  All classes are taught by board certified music therapists.  Classes are held in both fall and spring semesters in 12-week sessions.  Cost for core classes are $50 per 12-week session.  All other classes are $120 per 12-week session.

Classes vary by semester.  Get the latest class schedule and registration link here.


  • 100% of participants reported improved self confidence
  • 33% showed improvement in reading music
  • 52% developed a leisure skill they could pursue outside of class
  •  79% improved communication skills
  • 64% improved fine motor skills
  • 82% demonstrated improved direction following


“Cara has become more willing to play her guitar at home and is more interested in learning this skill. Her love of music is growing and this is giving her more confidence.”

“Mary Sarah now has a keyboard at home and she practices there. That has allowed her to develop a new leisure activity, one that is self-directed. Her reading tutor is convinced that the music therapy at Melodic Connections is aiding in her reading development.”

“Adam is now able to read beginner piano music and we practice together every day. He enjoys coming to class each week.”

“There was a talent day at school and my son got up in front of everyone and sang his favorite song. This is something he has never wanted to do or showed interest in doing before this class. He was a star in his peer’s eyes for 5 minutes that day!”

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