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Melodic Connections

Music in the Schools

Put a guitar and proven music therapy interventions in a teacher’s hands and watch the magic happen!  Our music in 10293577_414983408711069_2903200209264047114_othe schools program brings evidence-based music therapy interventions to more than 400 students with special learning needs.  Thanks to foundation grants and generous donors, Melodic Connections provides academic and social skills-based music therapy services to area public schools at no cost to the school.

The goal of our program is to create confident teachers who can assist their students to learn through music on a daily basis. The special education teachers in our program receive a once per week music therapy consult, proven interventions and curriculum-based musical activities 063they can implement daily in their classrooms.  Read about the remarkable changes in the Autism classroom at Riverview East Academy after one year of music therapy here:


Students participating in this program received the benefits of learning through music an average of 89% of their academic days in the classroom.

Percent of students showing maintenance or improvement of the  social skills measured during a 12-week session:

  • Requests Assistance from Others  99%12362733_414983222044421_4005072303304221407_o
  • Interacts with Peers  92%
  • Initiates Greetings  92%
  • Maintains Eye Contact  91%
  • Maintains Give and Take of Conversation 91%
  • Takes Turns During Interactions  86%
  • Responds to Greetings  84%
  • Communicates with Appropriate Volume   83%
  • Asks Questions to Request Information  77%
  • Recognizes Facial Expression    73%


We have seen students improving in the area of turn taking, eye contact and responses to greetings.  Working with the therapist allows us to teach in new and exciting ways. Through the use of instruments and their engagement through music I have seen great strides, especially in turn taking, that I’m not sure we would have seen without the music therapy.”    

“Now I know the extent that music-based instruction can reach students in the classroom. My understanding of the potential for music-based instruction has changed, and my knowledge is much deeper.“

“I regularly use the guitar and the gathering drum the classroom, both of which are very new skills for me.”

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