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Melodic Connections

Summer Camps

 The Art of Being Social Summer Camp

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Summer is a time when students with special learning needs may miss out on practicing the social skills that are so critical for classroom success. This often results in a decline in classroom readiness skills when returning to school. At Melodic Connections, students have the opportunity to practice their social skills in one week camps, through the motivating mediums of music and art. Melodic Connections partners with Visionaries + Voices and Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati to provide six one-week camp experiences.  More than 100 students with special learning needs receive direct music therapy, art education and drama-based services emphasizing social skills generalizing to other community settings.  Here’s what a typical day at camp looks like:


Read about the camp experiences of Molly, Bobby, TJ, Max and Grace.

IMG_4219IMG_3549 IMG_4715 IMG_4182IMG_2851


  • 96% of the students who attended our camp, either maintained or improved the social skills we measure, such as turn taking, relaying information, interacting with peers, attention to task, requesting assistance and maintaining give and take of conversation.

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“I especially like the kids’ awareness of each other, the connections they are building by being together. We are in!” “My child loves music so Melodic Connections is a natural environment for him to learn turn taking, patience, listening, staying quiet (when necessary), and building rapport with others while having fun.”  

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