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Melodic Connections

Winter 2017 Afternoon Classes

img_1219_0151 December 12 2015 Concert 089Winter classes will begin on January 23, 2017.  Classes will be held in the same alternate locations as fall classes. However, we hope to relocate to a new, permanent location by the end of the session.  Stay tuned for updates, and thank you for hanging in there with us during this transition time.  For class information contact Christina at


Monday: Woodford Paideia  3716 Woodford Road

Boogie Beats, (Ages 4-8), 4-4:50 pm

Kids Keyboard/Guitar, (Ages 7-12), 5-5:50 pm

Tuesday: Linden Grove
4122 Myrtle Ave

Bucket Drumming, 4-4:50 pm

Tuesday, Mason Community Center

Ukulele Jam, (Ages 13+), 4-4:50 pm

Choral MashUp, (All ages!), 5-5:50 pm

Wednesday: LADD
3603 Victory Pkwy

Teen Keyboard/Guitar, (Ages 13-18), 4-4:50 pm

Sing Like a Rock Star, 5- 5:50 pm

Thursday: DSAGC
4623 Wesley Ave

Adult Keyboard/Guitar, (Ages 18+), 5-5:50 pm

Email  for more information:

Class Descriptions:

Adapted Guitar/Keyboard: Find your passion for playing guitar and keyboard!  No previous experience required.  This class fulfills our core mission of providing low cost music therapy based lessons to special learners of all ages.

SLAR: Take center stage just like a rockstar!  Gain confidence, collaborate and make connections with other singers while learning to sing like Eddie Vedder.  All ages welcome

Bucket Drumming: Let your creativity soar while learning drumming basics!  Inspired by STOMP and Blue Man Group, in this class you will use a bucket to create extraordinary percussive experiences!

Ukulele Jam!: Transform your humdrum music making into the key of happy!  Become a ukulele maestro and reign supreme with your classmates as you rock out on the famous, “jumping flea.”

Choral MashUp: Create connections with other generations through raising your voice up in community.  Unleash your spirit as you develop your own voice in the harmony of others.  Friends and family members are encouraged to join this inspirational vocal group!

Boogie Beats: A fun music and movement class for kids of all abilities to express themselves through movement, sing for the world to hear, build confidence and interact with peers.


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