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Building Community Through Music

Using the principles of Community Music Therapy, Asset Based Community Development and a spirit of abundance, we bring groups together through music to form lasting relationships.

Melodic Connections is a 501c3 community music therapy non-profit organization serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We employ board certified music therapists, music educators and local musicians. We are the only nonprofit providing music therapy in Cincinnati, and we work with the area’s leading arts partners and community organizations.

Melodic Connections was founded in 2008 by music therapist and special educator, Betsey Zenk Nuseibeh. After helping a student with autism who has perfect pitch and beautiful musical expression unlock his talent at the piano, Zenk Nuseibeh recognized the need for a studio to support musicians with a love for music who require alternative teaching methods and an understanding instructor trained to address individual special learning needs.

Since then, Melodic Connections has expanded to provide adapted music instruction and personal growth through community music making for more than 900 individuals in special education classrooms, adult programs, after school classes, summer camps and through off-site partners.

Today, we are focused on enriching lives by helping people realize their dreams and passions, and by creating valued roles where everyone can be a contributor, a teacher, a leader. We are committed to using our skills and community capital we have developed over our 10-year trajectory as an organization to help our musicians be more fully connected to others, and to using the demonstrated power of music to build community.

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