Adult Programs

At Melodic Connections, we use music, and all the ways music connects us, to foster life skills and be part of the community.  If you enjoy music, even simply listening to music, you can find your path here. Our students create original podcasts, learn to lead drum circles, learn music vocation skills,  and are a valued part of  Cincinnati’s vibrant arts scene.  A staff of board certified music therapists and qualified music educators will be your trusted guides as you explore the many facets of music. Get ready for amazing experiences that will transform you.

We start by understanding a student’s interests, and then we find a match — learning about and using music technology, working with preschool classrooms, developing leadership skills through group facilitation, planning concerts in the community, volunteering at local arts organizations.  All programs have an emphasis on integration as we create opportunities for exceptional community experiences.

Students find their place in programs such as:

  • Music Conservatory: skill building, optional performing opportunities and master classes
  • Music in Action: learn to facilitate Drums Alive classes
  • Musical Books: bring music into early childhood classrooms
  • Hero Radio Podcast: learn music technology and interview prominent local musicians
  • Music Career Modules: learn retail skills at Willis Music in Kenwood
  • Service Learning: volunteer at local arts organizations
  • The Percussion Effect: learn to facilitate drum circles
  • Concert Co-Op: help plan and promote local concerts

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“I view his experience at Melodic Connections as his college.  These programs are providing opportunities that others take for granted, and are Quincy’s doorway to the life he wants to lead.” – Melodic Connections Parent

“As our staff gets to know the [participants] from Melodic Connections, we are learning that dedicated musicians come in all abilities. We love it when they are on site. It makes Mondays something to look forward to.” – Erica Keller Director of Audience Engagement Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

“I have seen Ashley talking much more. She is able to more clearly articulate her wants and needs and ask for information about her day and her world.” – Music therapist observation after participation in our podcast program

“Sam’s love of music has helped our family bond and connect in so many ways.  He lights up when he hears or plays music.  He instantly becomes more verbal, and more approachable, allowing for so many special connection times as we (try to) jam with him on the guitar, watch him play, or just listen together.” – Melodic Connections parent