Amy on the lawn at UC’s Sheakley Field after leading Drums Alive before an FC Cincinnati soccer game.

To “lean in” means to be assertive, to move toward leading, rather than following. Amy is using her music talent and strong sense of rhythm to lean into leadership at Melodic Connections.  She quickly went from camper, to student, to facilitator in our new Drums Alive Program.

Music has been part of Amy’s life since the age of 4, when she began taking piano lessons.  In middle school she added percussion, and now at 17, she plays in her high school band, managing bells, xylophone, concert chimes and the gong for marching band.  Last summer, Amy’s sense of rhythm brought her to Melodic Connections teen camp, where she immediately gravitated to the new Drums Alive program.  “We were looking for something to challenge Amy,” her mom said.  A camp that let her explore her passion for music was perfect.

At camp, Melodic Connections instructor James noticed Amy’s energy and sense of rhythm. He invited her to join the Drums Alive class at Melodic Connections, and immediately saw that she had leadership potential.  He began coaching Amy to help her learn how to facilitate and lead the class.

When James asked her to help lead Drums Alive, Amy said she felt  happy and excited to help.  “I feel happy to be

Amy and James lead a Drums Alive demonstration. Photos: Carolyn Miller

learning how to be an adult and a leader,” she said.  “I like teaching people how to play and love music like I do.”

Amy’s  enthusiasm, love of people, ear for music and great rhythm skills – she LOVES teaching people how to follow rhythms —  make her perfectly suited to lead Drums Alive. Just a few short months after starting the program, Amy rose to a huge challenge.  She led a Drums Alive demonstration on the campus of The University of Cincinnati outside Nippert Stadium before an FC Cincinnati game.

“She had a lot of fun and it was a good learning experience for her,” her Mom Carolyn said. “We’re glad when she is able to share her talents with others.”