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Toward a New Way of Being


Toward a New Way of Being. Can we undo what’s been done? Each morning I watch 30 minutes of news.  That’s it.  Then I turn it off.  No more.  Sometimes less.  But that still does its damage, [...]

Toward a New Way of Being2020-05-29T18:33:07+00:00

In Relationship Through Music


In Relationship Through Music “Relationship is the foundation of dialogue.”  This was the statement from Dr. Vivek Murthy that made Brene Brown say: “stop, say that again,” on her podcast the week of April 21, 2020. [...]

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Why I Believe Music Will Save Us (Part 1)


Why I Believe Music Will Save Us (Part 1) Finally!  The perfect title for a blog about the intersection of music therapy and trauma informed care.  Nailed it. Now the hard part:  communicating my passionate belief that [...]

Why I Believe Music Will Save Us (Part 1)2020-04-26T03:15:18+00:00