Brody’s Breakout Moment

Brody Flynn’s passion for music spawned a business idea that came to fruition on Tuesday, June 11 at Streetside Brewery. Although Brody – a Taylor Mill, Kentucky resident – started DJing for fun during high school, this was his first professional gig.

Brody and his family began developing the business earlier this year, but realized they needed help creating the brand. The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati connected them with Melodic Connections.

Brody was paired with Nathan Lewis, musician and Melodic Connections team member. The two immediately clicked and began building a business plan, website and social media presence. Melodic Connections is Employment First certified and works to create job opportunities that are fulfilling and match the interests of the individual.

Brody was drawn to music during his time as manager of the Scott High School football team in Taylor Mill. “They listened to music to get pumped up for a game,” Brody said. Then the school started “DJ Fridays” and invited students to spin tunes during lunch. He tried it and was hooked.

After trying his hand at DJing in high school, Brody’s parents invested in equipment so he could practice skills like how to smoothly transition from song to song. Since teaming up with Nathan, he’s also been learning to set up the equipment, work requests into the set list and communicate with the audience. He stays on top of the latest hits and music trends by reading Billboard magazine and listening to iHeartRadio.

“Our vision for Brody has been that he can do anything others can do,” stated his dad, Dennis Flynn. “We’re so excited to see where he takes this.”

Streetside Brewery owner, Kathie Hilbert-Hickey, often hosts local musicians and was first in line to book. “Kudos to Streetside for taking a chance on this new business,” said Nathan. “We see a lot of potential for creating partnerships with other breweries and area businesses who wish to bring music to their location.”

Nathan will accompany Brody on gigs until he’s ready to take it on his own. Brody’s dad and brother may join him too. In fact, musicality runs in the family as Dennis was once a DJ for a country music station.

Although Brody’s favorite music genres are rap and hip hop (Nicki Minaj is his favorite artist), he plays whatever is appropriate for the setting. For example, the set list for Streetside Brewery focused on Motown, jazz, soul, funk and reggae because that’s what Hilbert-Hickey said her patrons like best.

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Brody hands out business cards. Photo credit: Local 12







Brody interacts with a Brewery patron. Photo credit: Local 12

Brody takes requests.







Brody and his dad, Dennis.







Nathan and Brody at a practice gig.








Brody’s professional headshot.