Melodic Connections invites you to join us for Common Time – a different kind of music experience at our community music studio in Silverton.

Is Common Time for you?

Music Connects us in ways that we don’t always understand.  Like us, you are curious about why this is so – maybe even fascinated by it. We don’t  know exactly HOW it connects, but we know that it does.

You can’t imagine your life without music.  It is part of  your past.  It is your companion in the present.  It lights your way forward.   Whether you play, sing or just listen, music never fails to connect you to something bigger than yourself.

Music is a journey, not a destination. We don’t have to be perfect in the execution to be true in our quest.  When we express ourselves with intentionality, we know we will arrive at a place that is better than before.

If  these things ring true for you,  join us at Common Time.   In this hour (or so) we will share our unique gifts, make music, ask questions, and maybe leave a bit different than we were when we arrived.  We will be guided by a musician who will share their style with us (blues, blue grass, maybe a little funk?) in a way that everyone can participate in the music making. Common Time is for students, parents, musicians and music lovers.  All ages and abilities are welcome.

Join us at our community music studio at 6940 Plainfield Road for Common Time.  At Common Time, you will receive a warm welcome and join a community of music lovers who also are inspired by the amazing things we can accomplish when we make music together.

Dates and times change based on the schedules of the musicians, so check back often or check our Facebook events page.

Common Time Schedule:  (Check back frequently for new dates.)

June 13th at 5:00pm  Ricky Nye

July 12 at 5:00 pm Andy Hopkins

July 24 at 5:00 pm  Jake Speed

All sessions are at our studio at 6940 Plainfield Road in Silverton. BYOB.  All ages and abilities welcome!