Community Programs

Melodic Connections is redefining community spaces, using music as a tool for inclusion. We are creating valued social roles for the drummers, guitarists, keyboard players and vocalists who develop their craft at our community music studio, and then use their talents to co-create with others. Making music within our Silverton studio has a profound, positive impact on the Melodic Connections musicians, and that impact only grows as we move beyond the walls of our building to make a bigger impact everywhere that music happens.

To quote Maxine Greene – an educational philosopher, author, activist and teacher – we need to see each person in our community as an “indescribable human.” Through the facilitation of music experiences we will help people see the “indescribable humanness” in each other and move toward inclusive communities that are change agents for the city.

Check our Event Calendar or Facebook page for for dates and locations.

Common Time

Melodic Connections invites you to join us for Common Time – a different kind of music experience at our community music studio in Silverton.

Common Time is about connecting through music-making and intentional conversation. Each month we invite a local musician to set the tone. You don’t need to be a musician to join in! Some sing with no instrument, others keep the beat with a percussion instrument, those learning guitar strum along.

At Common Time, we put away the stress or worries of the day to hear and see each other in new ways. You may leave feeling very different than when you arrived.

Join us at our community music studio at 6940 Plainfield Road. You will receive a warm welcome and join a community of music lovers who also are inspired by the amazing things we can accomplish when we make music together! Check our Events Calendar to see when we’re holding the next session.

Want to learn more? Read “Connected. Energized. Joyful” – one guest’s story about what it’s like to participate.

The Percussion Effect

The Percussion Effect started when we began matching Melodic Connections students’ skills and interests with opportunities in the community. We knew we had students who had leadership potential, and in fact, they told us they were ready to do more and ready to lead. Our first endeavor was “Beers & Beats” which is a drum circle experience at area breweries which attracts young professionals into active music making with us.

Since then we’ve expanded the concept because drum circles can bring mindfulness and connection to so many different settings: arts events, public gatherings, conferences, corporate meetings and places where people want community and a focus on wellness. The Red Cross, Clermont County Library, Xavier University, Cincinnati breweries, Gyro Marketing and private parties have all hosted The Percussion Effect.

There are multiple ways musicians bring drumming into a variety of spaces. Perhaps it’s for an exciting participatory event in a public space. Or an exploration of different music genres expressed through drumming. Sometimes a business or community group hosts a drum circle to build communication, trust and connection.

Drum circle leaders frequently schedule public drum circles all around greater Cincinnati. Check our Facebook page for upcoming events. 

To bring The Percussion Effect to your event, contact You can also learn more about Drum Circles for Team Building.

Making Music in Greater Cincinnati

We’re always doing something! Whether it’s Yoga in a park, a pop-up concert, leading a drums alive session or another music-infused experience. Check our Events Calendar or Facebook page for what may be happening now.