Corporate Team Building

Melodic Connections provides unique opportunities that bring employees together for team building through music. A certified Music Therapist will conduct an initial meeting to determine goals, create a session tailored to your objectives, and provide a final report with insights specific to your group. We use Common Time and Drum Circles to increase communication, relieve stress and build trust.

Plus, it’s different, energizing and fun! No music experience is needed.

Common Time – Where Community Building Meets Music Making

At Common Time, people gain a new perspective on how to solve problems together when they make music together. Citizens become music-makers and music becomes a powerful catalyst for change, transformed from something we simply listen to into intentional, active participation that leaves a legacy of connected communities.

Why music?
Research shows that making music together can restore relationships, enhance communication, and build trust and cooperation. Used intentionally, music can change the way people see, hear and relate to each other. Powerful shifts can happen in just one Common Time session.

Who is this for?
Do you want to improve communication? Bridge divides that are holding you back? Unleash more creativity? Common Time is for any organization or group that wants to connect more deeply so they can move forward in a different way.

Melodic Connections has been pioneering the intentional use of music since 2008. We use adapted methods to make both music and music-making accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike. We have experienced first-hand how music can break old patterns of communication and connect people in new and exciting ways.

What to Expect
Sessions last 90 minutes and can be held at your location or at our community music studio. We provide all instruments and equipment. Don’t be surprised if your session goes far beyond traditional team building. After a session people report feeling more connected, optimistic and adventurous.

What you will receive:
-An initial meeting to define your goals
-A session plan tailored to your objectives
-A 90-minute session conducted by a board certified music therapist and trained facilitator
-A final report with insights unique to your group.

What Others Are Saying

“What an energizing start to our data technology team offsite by Melodic Connections! Betsey, with the Melodic team, conducted a fun, memorable, and instructive ‘Common Time’ session with us. They coached us to reflect on our experience, as we ventured into unfamiliar territory playing musical instruments and singing! Melodic made the experience relevant to our work lives, by encouraging us to tie it back to our organizational transformation. 90 mins flew by as we all bonded and grew closer as a team, while creating music together, interspersed with reflection – weeks later, our team still has fond memories of the Common Time with Melodic! Thank you, Betsey and team!” – Ratan Tadiparthi, VP, Fifth Third Bank

“The management team was really pleased with the activity.  We felt that it was fun, cooperative and made everyone step out of their comfort zone.” – Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

Information Flyer
Need to share our Common Time information with your team? Download the flyer.

Drum Circles

What is a Drum Circle?
Participants gather in a circle of chairs, facing each other. Each person has a drum or other percussion instrument and there is a leader conducting the experience.

What Can I Expect?
The event lasts about one hour and is structured to encourage communication and participation. We’ll lead various team building games and exercises using drum beats and vocalization. The ideal group size is 15-20 people. Melodic Connections will bring all the instruments and equipment, and we’ll need a large, open room and enough chairs for participants.

How Will My Employees Benefit?
Our participants report feeling they have unique ideas to offer, and feel more open to others’ ideas. They also say that after a drum circle they feel better connected to colleagues and feel the team is working toward common goals.

What Others Are Saying

“This was a wonderful experience! I loved the numbers exercise in particular, in addition to just giving people the chance to play with instruments they don’t usually encounter. ” – Gyro Advertising Agency

Information Flyer
Need to share our Drum Circles information with your team? Download the flyer.

Questions or ready to book?
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You will be providing your employees with a memorable, team building experience and supporting employment opportunities for people
with developmental disabilities.