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Maintaining Social Connections

The Melodic Connections community music studio physical location is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 virus.  Our staff is working hard to move as many services on line as possible, keeping lines of connection and communication open for our music community.  The work we do here at Melodic Connections tells us that we simply can NOT let social distancing become social isolation. Having and maintaining a good support network is the single most powerful protection against the effects of stress and isolation. Our relationships will help protect us!
That’s why we have made it a priority to keep critical support networks operating during this time of social distancing.  Please refer to list of resources we are providing below:

On social media:

  • For families and kids of all ages, our daily Lunchtime Live on our Facebook page is a fun, interactive way to bring music into your home.   If you missed earlier episodes, they are archived on our YouTube page here.
  • On June 2, Lunchtime Live will move to an interactive class on the Zoom platform, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Noon.  Contact for more information.
  • Join us on Facebook for  “Daily Dopamine: Words of Encouragement, Stories of Resilience”, our daily positive musical interlude featuring local musicians who share their thoughts and their craft.
  • Much of our content for families is archived on our YouTube channel.  Please feel free to visit and enjoy our music content developed specifically to support connection and resilience during these challenging times.
For Our Community Music Studio Family:
  • For adult students in our conservatory, we are offering daily classes via Zoom, 1:30 – 2:30 pm  each weekday.  All students are welcome each day, regardless of when you usually come to the conservatory. Contact for information.
  • Afternoon classes will be offered  through the last week of June, 2020.   Contact if you need information about your regularly scheduled class.
  • Decisions about summer camps are still pending.  We are exploring all of the possibilities and will be in touch with our families when we know more about summer programming.
  • For members of the In Harmony choir, our choir with the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati, we are providing weekly music warmups and recorded content.  Contact jordan@melodicconnections for more information.
  • Anyone in the Melodic Connections community can sign up for a 10-minute Melodic Neighborhood Chat with an instructor through Calendly.  The chat can be used for a quick music lesson, a song request, or tips on how to use music at home to connect.  Contact for information.
  • For students and teachers in preschool classrooms, we are providing online content to send home.  Please contact for more information and ways to connect.

Please check back often for the latest information on our response to COVID-19.  Thank you!