Ella playing the drums

Ella plays the drums with a volunteer at the Art of Being Social camp

Ella attended the Art of Being Social summer camp for two years, then did two sessions of Sing Like a Rock Star. Her artistic interests have since grown as she also loves dance and theater.

In fact, it was during an Art of Being Social camp when she connected with Ben, one of the instructors from Ensemble Theater. “Her imagination really blossomed from that experience,” Sarah said. As she learns more about music, her tastes have changed too. Originally a pop fan – she now likes country, classic rock, and Motown.

At the Spring Concert, Ella joined her classmates to perform “Fight Song” – a song the group selected together. There was a large cheering section filled with parents, grandparents, extended family and friends rooting for them.

The relationships Ella has formed through Melodic have made a big impact on her confidence. She has a network of family, friends and teachers who provide support and encouragement to help her reach her goals. She’s excited to work with her class on musical projects and is now more comfortable being in a leadership role. “Her self-acceptance has been helped through this journey. She feels good about herself and that’s wonderful to see,” said Sarah.

What’s next for Ella? She recently picked up an interest in drums and will begin exploring how to play. She’s also doing drama club and will continue to expand her musical talents through Melodic Connections. At nine years old, Ella’s adventure is just beginning and we’re looking forward to watching her story unfold!

Ella singing

Ella at her first Fretboard Concert in 2016

Ella sings at Spring Concert 2019








Ella's family cheering her on

Ella’s family and friends cheer during her class’s performance of “Fight Song”

Ella runs up to her family after the performance