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Come along with us and be a catalyst for change.

See what we’re doing and how you can join our journey. It doesn’t need to be a big commitment. Perhaps you just want to join a yoga class, attend a concert, or participate in a drum circle. Or maybe you’re looking for something bigger.

For example, Common Time is a great way to get started with Melodic Connections. Common Time is an hour (or so) session at our Studio when we make music, ask questions, and maybe leave a bit different than we were when we arrived. Guided by a musician who will share their style with us (blues, blue grass, maybe a little funk?) in a way that everyone can participate in the music making. It’s open to music lovers of all ages and abilities.

There are so many opportunities to engage with us. At Melodic Connections, we’re using music to spark meaningful conversations and make meaningful connections. Look at our pages on Volunteering and Learning. Check out the Events calendar to see what we have planned. Any event marked “Open to Public” is available for the community to join. Some events are free, others have a charge, but either way – we’re sure you’ll have a good time.

Whether you are musically inclined or have other talents, our door is open!

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