From the call to adventure, to the darkest moments of the abyss, to the triumphant return home, students from the Melodic Connections studio use the story archetype of the hero’s journey to tell the stories of prominent musicians in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Musicians are interviewed by students at Melodic Connections,who use this podcast to journey with musicians they admire, and make connections based on their shared love of music.

Our students find common ground between their experiences in our community music therapy studio and the lives and stories of professional musicians.  Among our guests are those who conduct a world class symphony, produce music for movies, mix Appalachian music with storytelling, and host national radio shows.

Listen to the hero radio theme song, written by our podcast musicians:


Quincy attended Pleasant Ridge and Hughes High Schools where he graduated at the Cintas Center. Quincy is a percussionist, specializing in drum set and hand drums. He has been playing music since he was 3 years old, beginning with piano. He enjoys listening to The Lion King, watching the NYE Ball Drop, and watching Teen Titans Go. His favorite performance was at the Red’s Game, even though it was crowded, because he got to enjoy the game afterwards. Quincy enjoys learning about recording equipment through the Podcast.

Ashley attended Sycamore High School and is a Cincinnati native. She is a multi-instrumentalist, taking instruction in guitar, keyboard and singing. For the podcast, she most enjoys developing the original artwork. She likes journaling, and walking around at the park. Her favorite performance venue is the 86 Club where she frequently plays with the Melodic Connections band.


Joe attended Anderson High School and is originally from Cincinnati. He plays the guitar and drums, and has been taking music lessons since 2002. Joe enjoys being active, playing soccer, swimming and working out in the weight room. He is a big Cincinnati sports fan, supporting the Red’s, Bengals, and FC Cincinnati, and loves Notre Dame Football. He enjoys learning about and using the microphones through the Podcast.


Joe K. is a pianist who has been playing since he was three years old. He also plays the ocarina. He loves metal music, court music (which encompasses baroque era and medieval music) and bluegrass. Joe loves performing and recording music in Garageband. In addition, Joe likes playing video games and watching scary movies. When asked his favorite part of the podcast, Joe states “I don’t know if I have a favorite. I just like it all!”


Board Certified Music Therapist Shelly Zeiser coaches and encourages the podcast crew as they find the best in themselves and in the musicians they interview.



Musician Nathan Lewis provides audio, technical and occasional transportation support.  That means he figures out the things that have buttons and twisty knobs, and sometimes he drives the van.