Like many students in our music in the schools program, music therapy has made a world of difference for Jada.  Music therapy was introduced into Jada’s special education classroom two years ago. When Jada first joined the music 12391844_414983222044421_4005072303304221407_n - Copycircle, she rarely smiled, didn’t interact with her classmates and often did not respond to greetings or requests.  For two years, Jada has attended a weekly session with a music therapist, and we coach her teacher how to make sure Jada continues to get therapeutic music every day in the classroom.

Now, Jada smiles, laughs, takes turns on the drum, makes eye contact and responds to requests made in song.  Encouraged by Jada’s progress in the classroom, her mother sent her to Melodic Connections’ summer social skills camp, where she continued to progress, and we discovered her love of the guitar. At camp, Jada happily follows the guitar from room to room, when she needs to transition from one activity to the next.

At Melodic Connections, we believe that each voice is unique and every voice should be heard.  Music therapy helped Jada found her voice – by following the guitar, she was telling us how to help her!  Jada even inspired our music therapists to write an original song that helped other students transition between activities. Which makes us wonder, did we inspire her? Or did she inspire us?