Jamila Takes the Lead at a Community Outreach Event

An inquisitive group of students at Anderson High School were peppering the Melodic Connections team with questions. “Do you play concerts?” “What instruments are at the studio?” “Who is your favorite artist?”

After playing instruments, singing, and learning patterns and rhythms for most of the afternoon they were excited and wanted to know more!

Melodic Connections’ student, Jamila, was equally excited to answer their questions, “I love Beyonce!” she announced, and the room lit up. The Anderson special education students had found a new friend and role model – someone who was both relatable and inspiring.

When Anderson High School invited us to visit their classroom, James – an instructor at Melodic – knew right away Jamila would be a great fit for the event. “She is well-spoken and not shy when it comes to talking about music. She’s also a reliable singer with incredible time and great pitch.”

Jamila also brings experience and the ability to connect with others through music. She’s been building music skills and growing her leadership potential for several years as a student at Melodic.

During the event, James, Jamila, other Melodic students, and Anderson students practiced the Takadimi method of early music literacy which makes difficult music patterns accessible to all abilities. They used guitars and adapted technology to promote success in playing instruments. They also practiced light voice stretching. The group learned the words to Katy Perry’s “Firework” and took turns filling in music to create a measure. At the end of the event, everything learned was pieced together for a performance. Jamila took charge and led the group’s singing – raising her hands to encourage everyone to sing louder.

Katherine, the class teacher said, “The best part was actually seeing Jamila and James working together as professionals, doing something they are passionate about. Our students had that extra motivation of seeing something they can aspire to — that they will have an opportunity to pursue the things they are interested in after high school.”

Melodic Connections creates opportunities for our students to teach, lead and use their skills to be in community with others through music.  Contact program director Christina Weber for more information.  Christina@melodicConnections.org

Student standing in front of class