Music is helping our students develop their strengths and abilities, and define meaningful roles for themselves within their families, at our studio, and in the community.  Joslin is a student at Melodic Connections conservatory, where she has found her place among her fellow musicians. “I see myself as a peacemaker,” she says. She has written a song called “We All Need to Get Along” that expresses her feelings about this role.

At home, Joslin is “Auntie J” the musician, who shares her talents with others.   She has three nephews, ages 4, 8 and 17, and she has taught them all drumming.  “I teach them dynamics,” she says, “How to play loud and soft.  And I teach them how to move their body when they drum.”  Her 17 year old nephew lives out of town, so of course she uses Facebook Live for his drumming lessons.  For the younger one, four year old Israel, she has written a song that she uses to sing him to sleep at night.

At Melodic Connections, Joslin was one of the first students in the program The Percussion Effect, which prepares students to lead drum circles.  Recently, she has been making videos about dynamics for her peers, so she can take a leadership role when new students join the program. “It feels so good to teach others,” she says, “They look up to you.”

In early 2018, Joslin will be part of a group of musicians leading drum circles in area breweries in our program “Beers and Beats” which is conducted in partnership with ArtsWave and the Ohio Arts Council.  Stay in touch with Melodic Connections through our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information, and to follow Joslin’s story, and the story of how Melodic Connections musicians are finding their voice and defining themselves through their love of music.