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Learn With Us

Melodic Connections hopes to provide students and those seeking a new career path an opportunity to explore music within their personal lives and how they can use music to connect with others. Learning volunteers will benefit from an experiential, hands on experience working with both children and adults in the Melodic community. They will also have the opportunity to sit down and reflect with Melodic staff about their learning experience. Opportunities for growth include high school service days, capstone projects, a job shadowing program, college observation hours, and more.  All opportunities must be scheduled with the learning coordinator through the form below.  Please allow up to two weeks to schedule an observation.

Job Shadowing

Program offers six hours of job shadowing experience including a sit down with a professional practicing in the environment you are observing. Job Shadowers will have the opportunity to participate in everyday programming as well as observe the daily tasks required by a professional at Melodic Connections. Participating professionals include Music Therapists, Music Educators and Music Technicians. Must be at least 16 years of age.

Educational Opportunities

These opportunities can include: service hours, class observations, project development and clinical hours (university-supervised). These opportunities are reserved for those in secondary education and beyond.

High School Engagement

Want to complete a school or community project? High school capstone project, educational presentation or interview? We would be excited to work with you. All projects must be in collaboration with staff and will include additional work outside of your educational requirements. Please send your project proposal to us. All students completing projects must be interested in a career related to music or the health profession.