Learn With Us

Melodic Connections gives students, those seeking a new career path, and educators an opportunity to explore music and learn how they can use it to connect with others. Learning volunteers benefit from, a hands-on experience working with students of all ages in the Melodic community.

They will also have the opportunity to sit down and reflect with Melodic staff about their learning experience. Opportunities for growth include high school service days, capstone projects, a job shadowing program, college observation hours, and more. Use the form below to schedule an opportunity with our learning coordinator. Please allow up to two weeks to schedule an observation.

Job Shadowing

Our program offers job shadowing experience, including the opportunity to participate in program development and observe daily tasks required by a professional at Melodic Connections. Job shadowers also meet one-on-one with a Music Therapist, Music Educator and/or Music Technician practicing in the environment being observed. Must be at least 16 years of age.

Professional Development

We welcome Music and Special Education teachers to spend a day observing and interacting with students and Melodic professionals. Learn how to incorporate music into your curriculum and how music can be used to help educators connect with students and students connect with each other.

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to volunteer at Melodic Connections. The class sang me a goodbye song which was really heartwarming and sweet. I learned a lot from the students and instructors, and am so glad I was connected with your organization. – Rajvi (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)

Thank you once again for letting me come and observe your classes at Melodic Connections. The staff and students were very welcoming and I learned a great deal. It was in fact one of the most useful Professional Development experiences I have ever experienced. I feel much more prepared to teach my adaptive learner class next semester.  Observing your program gave me lots of ideas of learning activities that I can use in my classroom. – Mike (Music Teacher)

Being able to spend time with the team and clients of Melodic Connections was an absolute joy.  The staff are kind and caring as well as very connected with their peers. They know how to bring fun and excitement to music while also catering to the individual needs of each person in the room.  While there, I got the opportunity to be a part of a large group jam session where everyone was given a role and played a part in making music. I loved how the staff made sure everyone felt included and important and how they were very in tune with what everyone wanted to do.  It was clear that the focus is fun and inclusion, even if that means going a bit outside of the original plan. Overall, I saw a team of people fully invested in the well being and care of others and a group of people that find excitement and joy through music. – Caleb (Professional Audio Technician)

My visit to Melodic Connections was informative, inspiring, and fun. I got to participate in the activities and ensembles and work with the students in meaningful and musical ways. The staff was engaging and and knowledgeable, and I learned so much that I will be able to apply in my classroom to make my students’ experiences better. Thank you for a valuable experience! – Music Teacher

College-Level Opportunities

These opportunities can include: service hours, class observations, project development and clinical hours (university-supervised.)

High School Engagement

Want to complete a school or community project? High school capstone project, educational presentation or interview? We would be excited to work with you. All projects must be in collaboration with staff and will include additional work outside of your educational requirements. Please send your project proposal to us. All students completing projects must be interested in a career related to music or the health profession.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into helping me with my project. I’m so glad I got to work with Melodic Connections and got to see the amazing things the organization does. Thanks again! – Stephanie (High School Capstone Project)