Volunteer Spotlight:  Alexandra

JY,EI,LF,AB,and Alexandria zentangle

Alexandra is a music therapy student who has volunteered with Melodic Connections for three years. She will graduate from Ohio University with a degree in music therapy in 2016.
Alexandra is already on her way to becoming a leader in music therapy.  She serves as vice president of the Ohio University chapter of the American Music Therapy Association of Students (AMTAS) , and she also serves as secretary of the national conference of AMTAS.
Alexandra wants to use her interests in psychology and music to help others. “When I saw how important this program was to the adults who attended, I knew I wanted to be part of it,” Alexandra says. “I loved summer camp with the kids. The simple act of making music is so therapeutic for them.”
Alexandra’s favorite memory from camp is of a girl who was reluctant to join an activity.  However, whenever the guitar appeared, she would follow it into the next room, or on to the next activity.  “It was amazing,” she said, how one instrument can make a connection with a person.”  That day at camp, using the guitar to draw a reluctant camper into an activity became an impromptu song that had all the campers singing about colors as they were painting.  “It was an incredible moment,” Alexandra said.  You can watch the video of this great camp moment  here.
Alexandra is inspired by the music therapists at Melodic Connections. “They have such high expectations for the participants,” she said. “They encourage them to do more, because they know they CAN do more.”  At Melodic Connections, we are inspired by Alexandra and her passion for music therapy. Thank you Alexandra for your three years of volunteer service!