keshavKeshav is a kindergartner in Melodic Connections’ music in the schools program. When his mom describes him, she mentions his lovely expressive eyes and his happy and affectionate nature.

Keshav is non-verbal and has behavior and sensory issues that are typical of children on the autism spectrum.  He has little interest in toys, stories or interacting with peers, which was a challenge at home when playing with his twin brother who is a typical child. “His brother really wanted to play with Keshav,” his mother said, “but Keshav’s short attention span and sensory issues made it challenging.”

Keshav loves  music, and his parents were thrilled when music therapy was introduced in his classroom.  “Every Monday” his mom said, “I would get a note from school about how he enjoyed his music therapy that day.”  To encourage music at home, they got the boys a small toy drum and a little toy piano. “What happened next is something that will remain in our memory for a very long time,” Keshav’s mom said.


Keshav and his twin brother have grown closer since they began to use music as a common language to communicate.

“After school, Keshav went straight to his toy drum. His brother joined him and they took turns playing the drum together. Eventually his brother brought the little piano over and Keshav was giggling with all the music they made together. That evening brought tears of joy to my eyes to see the boys finally playing together so happily without any frustration or melt downs from Keshav.”

“It was beautiful to see, and music was the bridge that connected them, ” she said. “They continued to play music, dance to simple songs and even play tag together. Music became the language that helped Keshav communicate and socialize with his brother.”