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Max is an energetic five-year-old who burst through the front door his first day at camp, barely pausing for the hello song.  Following directions, his mom said, sometimes presents a challenge for Max. At home, however, his mother has noticed Max’s special connection with music.  When mom sings directions to Max, he listens and follows.  His mom hopes that using music over the summer will help Max maintain and improve his ability to follow directions.  She also looks forward to the opportunities for Max to interact with other children, since during the summer he doesn’t have daily interaction with classmates, which helps him practice his social skills.

Max attended two weeks of camp.  He made a friend the first week and was beyond excited to see him the second week. When his friend stopped and engaged in camp experiences, Max seemed to notice, and he focused too.

At first, it was difficult for Max to slow down and participate with his peers in the hello song, and he would shy away when his name was called.  However, by the second week, he no longer shrank when his name was called in song. He responded and joined in. “Since camp,” his mom said, “I’ve witnessed Max participate in follow the leader and in pretend activities with his peers. I’ve never seen him do that before.” She also has noticed subtle improvement in his turn-taking and listening/responding, skills he worked on through music during his time at camp.

After camp, Max started getting together with Jack, a friend from camp, for play dates. “Its so sweet to see them play together. It is one of the most wonderful things we could hope for. This is a HUGE WIN for Max,” she said.  “And a win for all!”