Music Therapy in Education

For 12 years, the team of board certified music therapists at Melodic Connections has been working directly with educators and students, demonstrating a profound impact on student success. Melodic Connections is bringing together education and music through programs in area preschool and special education classrooms,  STEAM Initiatives with ArtsWave, group percussion programs, and group team-building programs for students, parents and educators. Melodic Connections has the most comprehensive approach to Trauma-informed Music Therapy in the greater Cincinnati area, certified by The Tri-State Trauma Network and Finding Hope Consulting.

Our Music in Schools program brings trauma-informed music therapy interventions to more than a thousand students each year.  The goal of our program is to create group cohesion through interactive music making, impact academic and social skills through music, and create confident teachers who can assist their students to learn through music.

Trauma Responsive Music Therapy in Early Childhood

Trauma responsive music therapy is especially effective in preschool and early childhood settings.  Our music therapists and music educators are currently serving 64 area classrooms, using music-based approaches to address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Complicated Adverse Toxic Stressors (CATS).  A combination of trauma responsive music therapy group sessions, educator professional development, and online content sent home are proving effective in creating an environment of safety, attunement and regulation in classrooms where a large number of children are experiencing the effects of ACEs and CATS.

Kindergarten readiness is a critical need in the greater Cincinnati region, a challenge which requires unique approaches and new collaborations. Melodic Connections has several innovative programs designed to impact predictors of kindergarten readiness, social/emotional health, and academic success. We are currently partnering with multiple Cincinnati Public School classrooms to bring the intentional use of music to students, parents, educators and entire communities to address the disparities that are keeping our area’s most vulnerable students from their greatest potential.

What teachers say:

“We have seen students improving in the area of turn taking, eye contact and responses to greetings.  Working with the therapist allows us to teach in new and exciting ways. Through the use of instruments and their engagement through music I have seen great strides, especially in turn taking, that I’m not sure we would have seen without the music therapy.”

“Now I know the extent that music-based instruction can reach students in the classroom. My understanding of the potential for music-based instruction has changed, and my knowledge is much deeper.“

Musical Books

Musical Books is a program in which musicians from Melodic Connections conservatory (adults with developmental disabilities) team up with another teaching musician, and together they lead music and literacy sessions in underserved preschool classrooms. Sessions promote learning through the intentional use of music, and promote inclusion and acceptance of individuals of varied learning needs and abilities.

The Percussion Effect

In The Percussion Effect, Melodic Connections conservatory students (adults with developmental disabilities) who have trained with a board certified music therapist to lead interactive drumming session, lead drum circles in K-8 classrooms and school settings.  Sessions promote group cohesion, school connectedness, and use evidence-based group music making techniques to counteract the effects of trauma.  Sessions also promote diversity and inclusion, and the acceptance of individuals of all abilities.

ArtsWave STEAM Initiative

A playground that comes to life with music is the vision of ArtsWave STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Initiative at Hyde Park Elementary School.   With Melodic Connections’ help, a student team designed, prototyped and help build a musical instrument installation in the school playground.  During the project, students  explored the science of sound by completing a variety of hands-on, minds-on activities, taught by Melodic Connections staff and musicians. They explored pitch, volume, timbre, rhythm, and how sound is produced. When completed, students showcased the playground to the community through a public performance.