Music Therapy

Melodic Connections provides community music therapy services for all ages and abilities in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

We work with school systems, camps, community centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing home facilities, and treatment centers, creating individualized music therapy programs based on the philosophies and needs of each organization.  Our team of board-certified music therapists and qualified music educators will bring music therapy to your location to work with the people you serve. Professional development is also available for educators and service providers, to explore how the use of music could enhance your classroom or facility.

Trauma Responsive Music Therapy

Melodic Connections has the most comprehensive approach to Trauma-informed Music Therapy  in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our staff has received more than 500 cumulative hours of professional development and certification from The Tri-State Trauma Network and Finding Hope Consulting.

Active music making that is led by trauma responsive music therapists has been proven to be an effective trauma intervention. Research has proven that group music making connects people faster than any other arts activity.  Synchronous beat keeping, engaging mirror neurons, singing together, all shrink the fear centers and grow the attachment centers in the brain.  Engaging in facilitated music making protects people from the effects of trauma by increasing feelings of safety, attachment, and regulation.  It can enhance the development of safe, stable nurturing relationships which are a strong protective factor against the effects of trauma.  Melodic Connections is working with adults and teens in mental and behavioral health settings, individuals in addiction treatment, individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease and their care partners, and at risk youth in community and facility setting, effectively using trauma informed music therapy to address trauma.

Melodic Connections has brought music therapy to organizations and classrooms across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We’re passionate about the benefits of music therapy and excited to work with you! Contact us if you have questions or you’re ready to begin developing a program.