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Music Therapy

Melodic Connections provides community music therapy services for all ages and abilities in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

We work with school systems, camps, community centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing home facilities, and treatment centers. We create individualized music therapy programs based on the philosophies and needs of each organization.

Melodic Connections employs board-certified music therapists who bring music therapy to your location to work with the people you serve.

Our Process

Because our programs are custom, we start by exploring and asking questions. We want to know your organization’s philosophies, goals, and how music therapy can accomplish those goals.

We’ll also discuss our philosophies and what we believe music therapy can do. On the technical side, we’ll determine your needs for data, charting, documentation and contact hours.

After this exploratory phase, we’ll send a music therapist to your location for an assessment. Based on all the information gathered, we’ll create a program and contract.

Melodic Connections has brought music therapy to organizations across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We’re passionate about the benefits of music therapy and excited to work with you! Contact us if you have questions or you’re ready to begin developing a program.