beer and beats drum circle

Beers & Beats at Hotel Covington

The Percussion Effect started when we began matching Melodic Connections students’ skills and interests with opportunities in the community. We knew we had students who had leadership potential, and in fact, they told us they were ready to do more and ready to lead. Our first endeavor was “Beers & Beats” which is a drum circle experience at area breweries which attracts young professionals into active music making with us.

Since then we’ve expanded the concept because drum circles can bring mindfulness and connection to so many different settings: arts events, public gatherings, conferences, corporate meetings and places where people want community and a focus on wellness. The Red Cross, Clermont County Library, Xavier University, Cincinnati breweries, Gyro Marketing and private parties have all hosted The Percussion Effect.

Joslin leading a drum circle

Joslin leads a drum circle at the Empowering Families Symposium.

The team – led by Melodic Music Therapist Alexandra Wilson – continues to develop options for drumming based on the wants of different groups. Do they want an exciting participatory event in a public space?  Do they want an exploration of different music genres that can be expressed through drumming? Or do they want the proven benefits of drumming for building communication, trust and connection in a business or community group setting? During Friday meetings together, the team works to create a variety of session plans, then they bring drumming experiences to the community.

As they move into the future, the goal is to grow the program so there are multiple ways musicians bring drumming into a variety of spaces including businesses, assisted care facilities, and schools. Ultimately, with arts and corporate partners, they’ll build a network of community that values diversity and is open to different kinds of arts experiences.

To bring The Percussion Effect to your event, contact You can find additional information specific to corporate drum circles on our Team Building Flyer.