We are Full STEAM Ahead

Melodic Connections student Joslin assists students with the online prototypes of a proposed outdoor drum installation.

Melodic Connections, ArtsWave and Hyde Park Elementary School are putting the “A” for arts into STEM education, turning it into STEAM. Students in this 3rd – 6th grade classroom are learning about the science of sound with hands-on and minds-on experiences that explore pitch, volume, timbre, rhythm and how sound is produced. The project will culminate in building a community outdoor musical installation at the school.

Students are designing and building prototypes for the playspace. Each week they are joined by music therapist Alexandra Wilson, architect Brad Cooper and Melodic Connections musician Joslin, who leads an interactive percussion session, and demonstrates instruments.  This STEAM initiative is just one of the ways we are infusing music, and Melodic Connections musicians, into education in Cincinnati.