Why $88? We were inspired by Abby Turner, a mom who loves music so much that when she was young, she chose getting a piano over getting braces!  When she heard the story of our flood last fall, she donated $88 — in honor of the number of keys on the piano keyboard. Abby’s family budget was tight, but she found $88 to help, because she knew how important music had been in her life and she wanted to share that with others. Read more about Abby here.

May 18 – 25

Last August, Melodic Connections lost everything in a devastating flash flood. But we will never lose sight of our single-minded dedication to changing lives through music.

In just a few short weeks, we will open in our new space, which was made possible by your donations.  We have weathered the storm, and emerged even more dedicated to bringing music to the 400 students in our classrooms, after-school classes and summer camps.  Because of you, we can now return our focus entirely to helping people find their voice through music. Will you come on this journey with us?

Our goal is to raise $8,800 through 100 donations of $88 in the next 8 days. The money we raise will help fuel our summer and fall kids programs as we get back to the business of changing lives through music.  Could you make a donation of $88 today?  These kids need it.  Music changes their lives.  We have eight days to do it.  Will you help?