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The Return of Molly

As is typical of many 16-year-olds, Molly didn’t say much to her mom about camp each day, except that she had a good time.  Molly has always liked music and used to attend classes at Melodic Connections, until other things caught her interest as she became a teen.  However, at the beginning of the summer, she began talking about Melodic Connections again and how she might like to come back.

When she got to camp, she was excited to see friends from middle school, and old friends from Melodic Connections with whom she sang at The World Choir games.  Molly attended music classes a few years ago.  She loved the music, but the social relationships were a challenge.  She had a difficult time in music class if a peer chose a song that she did not like.  At our teen camp, positive peer interaction is one of the social skills we targeted, helping our campers learn to navigate the sometimes thorny world of peer relationships.

At camp this summer, Molly found her voice!  Her favorite “instrument” was the microphone, and she sang her heart out every chance she got.  As we moved through the week, she became very comfortable with learning the songs that other campers chose, even though they weren’t her preferred style of music. Molly worked well with others during drama and art as well.  Our staff was confident that Molly would return home with new social skills that help her continue to develop friendships.

The best thing about camp, her mom said, is what happened when she got home.  Molly’s much older brother is a musician and plays occasional gigs with his band. Molly would run right over to his house and start talking about music.  “I’m glad she has him to connect with,” Molly’s mom said, ‘And so glad she has music as a way to connect.”  This fall, Molly is going to start music classes again at Melodic Connections.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for Molly.