At Melodic Connections, volunteers don’t do things for people, they create music with people. Volunteering at Melodic may be setting up for a class but it also may be talking with a fellow musician. Volunteering may be weeding a garden and it also may be trying an instrument you’ve never played.

You don’t have to be musically talented to volunteer at Melodic Connections. You can lend your administrative or marketing experience, help us plan concerts and events, or just come by the studio and show your support! All we ask is that you show up to the space, be open to connect with a new community member, and be willing to learn something new.

Are you, your school or your organization interested in getting involved? We would enjoy talking with you to find a great match.

Volunteer Musicians

Are you a local musician? Want to share your talents and help others? We love it when musicians come by the Melodic Connections studio and connect with us for community projects. Let us know what you play and what kind of time you can give.

Fundraisers, Concerts, & More

Are you so passionate about our mission and vision  that you would like to generate support? That’s awesome! There’s a process we would like to walk you through such as: an on-site volunteer requirement,  meeting with staff, mission & vision training, and event guidelines. We ask that you contact us at least 60 in advance of your proposed event.  Contact us  below to find out more.

Summer Experience Volunteers 

Melodic Connections is looking for volunteers who want to help change a life. When you volunteer at “The Art of Being Social” Summer Experiences, you will use music, art and drama to enrich the lives of students with special learning needs.  Take time to meet new people, make new friends and use your creativity and compassion to make a difference. Learn more about summer volunteer opportunities here.

Contact Us About Volunteering

If you are looking for a creative and rewarding experience, we would love to hear from you! Tell us about yourself below and we will be in touch.